Hey clarinet! I'm a euphonium player myself. We low brass players know how go have a good time 😏 and you can tell I'm not a creep who doesn't know what he's saying Cause nobody whose not in band, knows what a euphonium is

There are two types of low brass players:

  1. Those who know how to have a good time
  2. Douchebags
I am trying to play Rose Études 4 and 26 from the 32 studies. How the heck do I get faster?! I play them counting the sixteenth notes as slow slow eighth notes but I always fumble up on étude 26 measure 3. Like yeah I can do it fairly well slow, but if I take it up let's say, 20bpm higher, nope nope nope. Only at those chord parts. Also, prepping for an audition, its moderately hard. How can I make sure my tone is perfect? I do long tones like crazy, but I'm looking for that "clarinet pop" sound

Practice the passage out of rhythm. If you scroll through the archive far enough, you can find a bunch of different practice techniques I’ve listed before, but using different rhythms has helped me the most in the past. In terms of tone, make sure that you’re keep everything with your air and embouchure constant as you play.